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Dr. Cepin

I am holding Virtual Office Hours remotely through Zoom or by phone call. Please schedule an appointment through Calendly. If no times there work for you, email me and we’ll find a different time. Additionally, I’m going to turn on my Zoom Room (471-269-1577) between 12pm-2pm M/T/W – feel free to stop by. I’m going to use the “waiting room” feature – so do wait if it appears that I’m in another meeting.

Dean Steven Lestition

Dean Lestition handles the academic support and questions of Mathey seniors and juniors. To arrange a Zoom meeting with Dean Steven Lestition, please contact him directly at steveles@princeton.edu. When he is not engaged in meetings, he can generally be reached by phone—during the normal 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. college office hours (East Coast time)—at: 609/ 258-3317.

Natalia I. Córdova Sánchez, PhD

Director of Studies

Dr. Cordova handles the academic support and questions of Mathey first-year students and sophomores. To schedule an advising appointment, please use her Calendly calendar. If no calendar appointments work with your schedule, please email her at ncordova@princeton.edu with suggestions for days and times that work for you. Appointments will be virtual—through Zoom or phone.

Gail Ivaniski

Office Coordinator

Gail Ivaniski can be contacted via email or phone. Her Zoom office hours are Monday - Friday, 10-noon and 1-3pm EST.

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Firestone Society Event

April 15th, 2021

7:00PM EST

The Firestone Society is hosting a book discussion on Furious Hours: Murder, Fraud, and the Last Trial of Harper Lee by Casey Cep, which will be led by Amna Amin '21 on Thursday, April 15th at 7PM ET

Sign up here for an audiobook or an eBook. As a reminder; attendance to the discussion is required to sign up for a book, and not showing up for two discussions will result in being banned from receiving additional books. The Zoom link will be sent to you before the discussion.

For questions or book/event suggestions, please contact Mathey RGS Chloé.

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