Oct 11

It’s midterms week and you may be feeling the pinch of multiple important deadlines. Perhaps you’re tempted to power through...

Oct 4

As some of you have experienced firsthand, the cold and flu season has begun. You have no intention of getting sick but, wham...

Sept 27

First-Year Families Weekend (FFW) is about to get underway. You may be excited for your parents to learn about everything Princeton has to offer...

Sept 20

As we settle into the semester, we find ourselves in new relationships, returning to old ones, and finding that some have changed...

Sept 1

Hurray for the first week of class! First-years, you’re just at the beginning of immersing yourself in all that Princeton has to offer...

April 24

The Spring season, full of promise and opportunity, has just begun. As you take in the sun and nature views...

March 7

We are still in a pandemic, and the effects of this are being felt by everyone, including me! Mental Health Matters.

Feb 9

I know that you are all adjusting to life on (or nearby) campus and that there is much information to process and continuously keep in mind.

Jan 22

No matter which phase of Arrival Quarantine you are in, there’s at least one activity on this list to help you make the most of your time...

Jan 18

Welcome back from Winter break! I hope that you were able to get some rest and that you feel renewed for the second half of the term...

Dec 7

Perhaps you’re tempted to power through with less sleep and extra-long study sessions...your health, energy level, and mood may take a hit.

Photo Credit: Dan Day,

Assistant Vice President for Communications

Nov 23

Good news…Just thinking about gratitude has been shown to boost your overall sense of well-being as well as your happiness.

Nov 10

I wanted to send a note to remind you that you are very much in our hearts and minds during these uncertain times.

Nov 1

Dear Moose - Your mental health is a priority. Be assured, you are not expected to cope with any crisis or difficult experience on your own...

Oct 19

Useful strategies for managing disappointment or taming self-criticism that may result from not getting the reassurance you hoped for.

Relaxation Station