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A place to unwind, enjoy, and engage (if you want). Breaks are good — take one!

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a collaborative effort to enjoy music together.

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Everyone eats, that’s a fact. Let’s share what we are cooking, baking and eating. For now, send photos and recipes to your RCA. In the near future, we will post them here.

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Cooking With Emily - 10/23

Join Emilia and her daughter Emily Sanchez '22 in making papa a la huancaina sauce. This Peruvian sauce is amazing and can go on almost anything!

Pie Baking

Relive the Mathey Pie Baking event and see the results of fellow Moose in the kitchen!

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Mathey's COREantine virtual fitness group is starting up again for the fall!

This is a space to exchange fitness tips, share workout apps, and complete weekly fitness challenges for a chance to win prizes. 

Please email khs@ if you'd like to join the Groupme!

Core Fitness

COREantine virtual fitness group

 You’re living through an unprecedented time in history right now. Your personal experience matters.


This is an opportunity to document and reflect on how you’ve been impacted by the pandemic. Our aim is to make this easy and interesting. Your future self might be very interested in the story you have to tell!

Details coming soon

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