LWBW: Attitude of Gratitude!

The holiday of Thanksgiving is next week! Aside from looking forward to a small break and hardy portions of comfort food, it’s an opportunity to express your thanks and appreciation in all parts of your life. Good news… Just thinking about gratitude has been shown to boost your overall sense of well-being as well as your happiness.

Most of us could benefit from the strengthening of our “gratitude muscle.” Focusing on gratitude leads to a greater sense of abundance in your life and the ability to enjoy life’s small pleasures.

Here are some creative suggestions for fostering a sense of gratitude:

  • Leave change in the vending machine for the next, unsuspecting person

  • Standing in line? Let someone go ahead of you

  • Write a thank you note to UHS or Dining Services staff

  • Mail a card to a family member or favorite teacher back home

  • Fold your roommate’s laundry

  • Hold the door for the person after you

  • Give directions to someone who looks lost on campus (That was you not too long ago)

  • Greet more people with a friendly “hello” when you walk on campus

  • Participate in a service oriented activity

  • Return a phone call or send an encouraging message

  • Plan a dinner party with friends (we will even help you in the college office!)

As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, the college office wishes to express how grateful we are to the students, faculty, and staff who make up the Mathey College community. Thank you for your continued engagement, creativity, and generosity of spirit. Take some time to relax, breathe, and recenter yourself on Sunday, November 21st at 5pm in the Mathey Common Room! Matheyites will have the opportunity to paint with watercolors, color in beautiful coloring books, enjoy aromatherapy, and listen to calming music. All materials will be provided by RCA Chloe Horner. RSVP for our Relaxation Study Break at this link. We look forward to seeing you at the following events, including our Giving Thanks lunch on Thanksgiving Day. Please RSVP Here!