LWBW: Brrr...It's Cold Outside (Gear Alert)!

Dear Moose,

Yeah, it’s cold outside. For those of you hailing from warmer climates, this may be your first cold season away from home. Take heart Moose! We have tips to help you make the best out of winter in Princeton.

Practical Tips:

Be careful and be in touch. Wind gusts and icy conditions are to be expected this time of year. Watch out for slippery roads and sidewalks. Safety is our priority – use caution when navigating around campus. If you see an unsafe condition, please immediately call our Facilities Services Center at 609-258-8000. This line can be utilized 24/7, and Facilitates staff are prepared to handle your calls.

Love your space and it will love you back. By making sure all windows are closed, leaving all radiator valves and fan coils on, clearing clothing and furniture away from heaters, and making sure all faucets are off, you will help save energy and reduce the risk of frozen pipes and the damage it can cause.

Layer up. Now’s the time to pull out your warmest gear from your closet. Stay warm AND show off your moose love by wearing maroon colors. Guess what? You can also add a layer of protection to your lips and skin with moisturizer and chapstick (we will be giving these out on Thursday!). Keep reading and you will be pleasantly amoosed.

Yes, you can enjoy winter, with a little shift in mindset. We can learn from scandinavian cultures and embrace the concept of hygge (pronounced hoo-ga).

Hygge refers to a feeling of contentment or well-being. It has been coined as the act of being “consciously cozy.” Hygge has a place in the hustle and bustle of Princeton’s campus. Hygge may be felt when conversing with friends (even via zoom!), tasting a savory dish from dining, sipping a hot beverage, enjoying the sound of a fireplace, or watching the flicker or glow of candlelight (a battery operated one of course!).

How do you hygge? Send me a note letting me know or send me a post for our Social Media accounts so you can model it for your fellow moose. In turn, we’ll augment your hygge efforts by sharing the pictured items in this email with you on Thursday, February 3 at 4:30pm in Mathey’s common room. See you there, moose!

Hugs and hygge to you all,

Be well,

Dr. Cepin