LWBW: How will I get it all done?

Dear Moose,

The Spring season, full of promise and opportunity, has just begun. As you take in the sun and nature views, take advantage of Reading Period, I want to offer a thought: These weeks are more than an opportunity to finish papers and prepare for final exams. It’s also an opportunity to pay attention to your personal wellbeing. The good news is that you don’t have to do this on your own! Whether you remain on campus or are back home, we would like to know how you are doing and if you would like a member of the residential college staff to reach out to you for support or resources. Please respond to this email and let me know if you would like a 1:1 to check in about life and any concerns you may have or just grab some time here!

Keep in mind, as your DSL, I am available to answer your questions and assist you in whatever ways I can. There are many additional campus resources available to support you as well. Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS) can be reached at (609) 258-3141, and virtual CPS counseling sessions are being offered.

Now Moose, you know I am all about loving and taking care of yourself. Over the next few days you have several ways to practice and express the love you have for yourself, your peers, and our big beautiful blue planet. “How will I get it all done? Practical strategies for sticking to your good intentions

This week and days ahead, I highly encourage you to try different self-care strategies. There is no right or wrong way to deal with the current events and an on-going pandemic. The strategies that will work for you may not work for others. It is important to try different things to see what is most helpful for you. Some strategies can include:

  • Talking to loved ones about worries and concerns. Know that your feelings are normal and others may be experiencing them too. Connect with friends and family via phone, zoom, FaceTime, or try a walk in town!

  • Scheduling positive activities. Look at the virtual engagement activities being planned by the University. Check out www.matheycollege.live for College specific activities. Do things that you usually find enjoyable, even if right now it can feel a little harder to feel motivated. Some examples might be listening to music, exercising, practicing breathing routines, spending time in nature or with animals, journaling, or reading inspirational texts.

  • Taking time to renew your spirit through prayer, meditation, or helping others. See if there are opportunities for community engagement that don’t require in-person activities, like pulling together a resource guide for people in your local community or raising money for important causes through your social media connections.

  • Getting enough sleep every night, and trying to keep a regular sleep schedule as much as you can. We know sleep is restorative and reduces anxiety, helps learning, helps problem solving, and allows the brain to rest. Even short periods of sleep deprivation can impact mood.

  • Considering what physical activities and movement you can engage in for stress reduction. That could be anything from dancing in your room to going for runs to making sure you stretch out your arms and legs and hands regularly or visiting Dillon. We can often feel distress in our bodies, so pay attention to what your body is saying it needs.

  • If you feel stuck inside, create a routine for yourself. Get out of bed, take a shower, and take a breath. Eat regular meals. Plan time for studying. Plan time for having fun, talking to friends/family and relaxing. You are important. You matter.

Community Support It takes a village, you are not alone, Moose! As we are wrapping up classes, we hope you are looking forward to taking a nice break from work with your new picnic blankets, grocery bag and utensil kits! Distribution of these items will be coming starting Monday the 26!

Alongside gear, we will also be holding a Tigers/Meese in Town event with some local restaurants! You can take this as a chance to put those picnic blankets to use (although you can still participate if you didn’t opt-in for the gear items).

– Mark your calendars–we have a date for the RCLT Scavenger Hunt. It will be Sunday, April 25th at 4 PM. In addition to wellness tips, wonderful treats and a nature adventure, all participants will receive gift certificates for Thomas Sweets! See you in the Mathey Courtyard!

– Back by popular demand: Prof. Sinclair will have an array of snacks on the front porch of the Mathey house every Saturday between 2 -5pm. It is 23 University Place, just across the street from Mathey. Feel free to wander over, grab something for yourself (and maybe something for a friend) - masked and socially distanced of course!

Wishing you the very best, you are al-moose there!

Dr. Cepin