LWBW: Season’s Greetings Moose!

Season’s greetings Moose! No, not that season. I’m talking about reading period and exam season. As you prepare, I want to offer a thought: these weeks are more than an opportunity to finish papers and study. It’s also an opportunity to pay attention to your personal wellbeing. Remember to take care of yourselves and each other, and make time to relax and decompress. If you need help and aren’t sure where to turn, please reach out and I will help you make the right connection.

Moose, consider the many ways in which you can manage the stress and prioritize your self-care during the end-of-semester crunch. If you typically rely on more caffeine and less sleep, I am here to remind you that you have other options to get through it.

Self-care is often the first thing to get deprioritized or even eliminated when important deadlines loom. Why? Because we tend to convince ourselves that self-care is a luxury that we can or should sacrifice in the service of better papers, exams, or grades. Ask yourself: would your future self-endorse this point of view?

Keep in mind that you have a lifetime of deadlines and important work ahead of you. You can use reading period and exams as an opportunity to practice healthier, more sustainable strategies for coping with stress, a big workload, and tight timelines. As you practice, and discover what works best for you, it will get easier. And, remember, Meese, you don’t have to do this alone!

Keep reading for a reminder of the various resources and activities available to help you. Get curious and give something new a try. You might surprise yourself.

Recharge with self-care activities planned by your RCAs, College Staff , DSL,

and Campus Partners:

Coffee Club Drop-Ins from 12-4 on Friday, December 10. Come by the Coffee Club for a peppermint mocha, a hot cup of tea, or just to chat! Look for (A) RCA Rachel Myers!

Join College Council for Patagonia Jackets and snacks. Pickup will take place this Friday, 12/10 and Saturday, 12/11 from 11 AM to 3 PM in the Mathey Common Room.

SIGN UP FOR A TIME SLOT TO GET YOUR JACKET AT THIS LINK: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0F45ABA629A0FECF8-mathey Note: Only students that filled out the Google Form sent out earlier this semester will be able to pick up their jacket at this time. All other Mathey 24s and 25s, including those who filled out the form but are not able to retrieve their jackets at this time, will be able to pick up their jackets at the start of the Spring semester.

BEING: MONDAY MORNING YOGA. Monday, Dec 13, 8am, University Chapel All members of the University Community are invited to start your week with a Monday Morning Slow Flow. In a society focused on doing, we invite you into an hour of Being. This accessible all-levels class moves at a slow pace while weaving together breath and yoga postures. This class teaches the importance of pranayama, mindfulness, and connecting deeply with oneself and nature. Dress comfortably, bring a yoga mat (please let us know if you do not have a yoga mat), and a full-size bath towel or yoga blanket. Register in advance through this link or scan the QR code. Questions: tthames@princeton.edu

Live Well, Be Well Study Break: Join your DSL to make A Ginger Bread house, pick up tea or decorate a cookie at 8pm on Tuesday, December 14. More information about sign up times to follow.

Holiday Grab and go from 5-7 on Wednesday, December 15. Come by the Mathey Common Room for fresh pastries and cocoa and a little extra cheer before break! To RSVP, email (A) RCA Rachel Myers (rcmyers@).

If you can’t commit to a scheduled activity, here are some recommendations for self-care phone apps, recommended by UHS:

Daily Yoga - guided yoga sequences with video (free, iOS and Android compatible)

Gratitude Diary - positive things in your life (free, iOS compatible)

Headspace - mindfulness meditation tool (iOS and Android compatible)

Insight Timer - time tracker for meditation (free, iOS and Android compatible)

Lotus Bud - for reminders in the form of mindfulness bells and timers to practice mindfulness (iOS compatible)

Stop, Think Breathe - Checkin' in with your brain body (free, iOS, Android and web compatible)

Best wishes wrapping up the semester, and stay tuned for more activities coming soon! Let this picture serve as a reminder that we are rooting for you and that we are in this together!

Photo Credit: Leilani Bender

Go moose!

Your DSL, Dr. Cepin