Welcome back (LWBW)!

Hello My Dear Moose,

Hurray for the first week of spring semester! First-years, I hope that you are embracing your Princeton stripes and firmly know that you are a Moose: you belong here! Returning students, you are getting reacquainted with our many programs and resources. If it feels like a lot, you’re in good company. If it eases your mind, I wish to remind you that you aren’t expected to have it all figured out right away. It’s ok to take time to explore and experiment.

Wellness is one of those topics that I regularly encourage Matheyites to explore. In fact, as your DSL, creating a culture of wellness is one of my priorities. Why? Simply put, Princeton is highly invested in helping you maximize your potential, not just as a learner but as a whole person. Through our ongoing Live Well Be Well programming, you can look forward to regular communications and initiatives aimed at your total wellbeing — mind, body, and spirit. You will have the opportunity to learn and practice lifelong healthy habits in creative and personally meaningful ways. One of those creative ways is going to be through our virtual hub of Mathey student life. Check it out for exciting news and opportunities ahead!

Here’s a peek at what we’ve planned:

Relaxation Station: A designated 24/7 spot outside the Mathey dining hall and by Café Antoine where you can decompress and enjoy crafts, puzzles, and games, either alone or with friends. On a regular basis, we will also offer activities, such as petting sessions with Sunny the dog or pop-up massage and wellness related study breaks. You might be pleasantly surprised with occasional snacks and prizes.

Impressive giveaways related to health and wellness! We will surprise and delight you with Mathey gear that you can use as you learn and practice healthy habits.

Weekly themes, related to personal health and well-being: Look out for regular emails and social media posts on a variety of topics, as well as suggestions for how to get support at Mathey or the wider university community.

“Just for the Health of It” Challenge: In March, we will launch a four-week roadmap of optional well-being related activities for you to try in your own time and in your own way. Each week offers 14 suggestions, and, if you complete 5 or more activities in a designated week, you can claim a wellness reward in the College Office between 9AM and 5PM.

Wellness options, at your fingertips: Mathey College and Princeton have much to offer as you explore your personal path to wellness. We will keep you up to date on the many offerings, including wellness workshops, yoga and mindfulness classes, study breaks, and other pop-up programs.

I would love to hear if any of these ideas will help you cope and perhaps even enjoy a better sense of balance with regards to your energy and attention-span during a day full of engagement and meetings. Please sign up for a 15 minute 1:1, and lets discuss how we can continue to build a more inclusive and healthier community at Mathey! I can’t wait to connect! This meeting, of course, will include a souvenir!

Live well, be well, Moose!

Dr. Cepin